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The redevelopment process at Agroha after the excavation was slow. Shri Bholaram Dalmia of Bhiwani District and Shri Sanwalram built a Gau Shala in 1914 at Agroha. Then in 1939 Shri Ramji Das Bojoria from Calcutta had a Shiv Mandir and a rest house built here. All these activities were at a more individualistic level.

It was only in 1976 that a need for a concerted group effort was felt at the convention of Akhil Bartiya Agarwal Sammelan. This realisation led to the establishment of AGROHA VIKAS TRUST in 1976, under Shri Sri Krishna Modi and Shri Rameshwar Das Gupta. Their efforts were supplemented by Late Master Laxmi Narain Aggarwal who donated the 27 acres of land purchased by Shri Tilakraj Agarwal, Shri Devki Nandan Gupta & the office bearer of Maharaja Agrasen Engineering & Technical Society to Agroha Vikas Trust for the development of Agroha Dham.

Late Seth Shri Tilakraj Agarwal was instrumental in building a Dharamshala of 22 rooms to enable people to come and stay at Agroha. Thereafter the development took place in form of a Shakti Sarovar for the collection of water for construction purpose and also thereafter a Temple Complex was planned paying homage to Maharaja Agrasen, Ma Mahalaxmi and Ma Saraswati. The development work at Agroha was entrusted to be carried on under the able supervision of Late Seth Shri Tilakraj Agarwal - Bombay.

Since then all the development process at AGROHA is planned and implemented by Agroha Vikas Trust and the entire area came to be known as AGROHA DHAM . The developments at Agroha received a major boost from 1985 when Shri Subhash Goel joined in as the President of Agroha Vikas Trust. The work at Agroha Vikas Trust was funded by the Agarwals from all-over India. The Agroha Dham construction was re-planned with special emphasis on the Temple Complex and the Shakti Sarovar on which Samudra Manthan scene has been sculpted with arrangement of colored fountains around it. Functionally Agroha Dham has been planned as a center of learning, philosophy and spirituality. It will also have a Vridh Ashram (Old Age Home), Health Center and a Research Center.

The total area under the trust for the development of Agroha Dham is 27 acres. The developments have taken place in the form of a Temple complex dedicated to goddess Mahalaxmi and Saraswati; this also hosts the memorial temple of Maharaja Agrasen. The beauty of the place is exemplified by the Shakti Sarovar and the well maintained lawns.


Opposite the Trust compound is the Maharaja Agrasen Medical College and Research Centre MEDICAL COLLEGE WEBSITE The medical college is one of the most prestigious education centres for medical studies. It is gearing up to become one of the biggest medical research centres under the supervision of Shri O. P. Jindal. This facility is spreads over a area of 267 Acres of land and the Government of Haryana has give 100% Tax Exemption for all donations received by this Medical College and Research Centre. Further the Government of Haryana is contributing 50% of the total cost of the Project. The balance 50% is being funded by Aggarwals all over India and the world. Late Seth Shri Tilakraj Agarwal became one of the 1st Donors for this project.


About 1 Km away from the temple complex of Agroha Dham there was a Madhi (Ancient Temple) of Sheela Mata. Here the local public and Agarwal families from all over India visit for the Mundan (Head Shaving) of their children and for seeking the blessings of the deity. Late Seth Shri Tilakraj Agarwal

decided to develop this old Madhi of Sheela Mata into a big temple as his personal contribution to the development of Agroha and started the work of Sheela Mata Shakti Mandir in the year 1982.He established 'Agroha Vikas Sansthan' for this purpose and started the work of this temple with great enthusiasm.


Another project initiated in Agroha was the Agra Vibhuti Samarak ALLAGARWAL.ORG under the name of Shri Agrasen Foundation spread over an area of 10 acres of land purchased by Akhil Bhartiya Aggarwal Samellan for this purpose. The project was started under the able leadership of Shri Banarsi Das Gupta (Ex-CM of Haryana) and Shri Pradip Mittal. This was formed to salute all the Agra Bandhu who were instrumental in the development in Agroha. The project is still under development - however a statue of Seth Shri Tilakraj Agarwal is the first installed under the project reminding everyone about his premier contribution for the development of Agroha.

Also in the Agroha Dham compound area there is a huge statue of Lord Hanumanji along with his ancient temple. There is also an ancient temple of Maharaja Agrasen close by to Agroha Dham.

Courtsey:Sheela Mata Mandir )