Sheela Mata Shakti Mandir is built over the Madhi (Ancient Temple) of Sheela Mata. Here the local public and Agarwal families from all over India visit for the Mundan ceremony (Head Shaving) of their children and for seeking the blessings of the deity. Late Shri Tilakraj Agarwal was handed over the responsibility to get AGROHA redeveloped to its past glory by the Akhil Bartiya Agarwal Sammelan in History & profession of Agarwal in 1976. He decided to develop this old Madhi of Sheela Mata into a big temple as his personal contribution to the development of Agroha and started the work of Sheela Mata Shakti Mandir in the year 1978 under the name of Agroha Vikas Sansthan.