Seth Shri Harbhajan Shah of Agroha married his only daughter Sheela to Mehta Shah – a minister in the state of Sialkot. Sheela was very beautiful and became the talk of the town. Even King Risalu of Sialkot heard about her beauty. He sent his minister Mehta Shah (Sheela's Husband) to another state for some official work. Back home he went to meet Sheela and made an attempt to spoil her chastity.

However, Sheela fought the king bravely and protected herself. The unsuccessful king, with malicious intentions, asked Sheela’s maid to keep his ring under the bed sheet of Sheela's bed. On returning home, from his official work from the other state, Mehta Shah discovered the King’s ring on their bed and thought Sheela to be immoral. He abandoned Sheela, who returned back to Agroha with her father.

After many years, the same maid made a confession to Mehta Shah of her foul deed and vouched for the morality of Sheela. Mehta Shah was grief struck on the injustice done to his wife. He rushed to Agroha to seek pardon from his wife, but died near Agroha before he could meet Sheela. When Sheela came to know about the demise of her husband, she too ended her life and became “Sati”. (The custom of ‘Sati’ was believed to be a Hindu Act in which the woman voluntarily decides to end her life with her husband after his death on his funeral pyre.) A memorial temple with a Madhi of Sheela Mata was built at the site of her death. This Madhi was originally known as Sheela Mata Sati Mandir.

This same Madhi was renovated by the efforts of Late Seth Shri Tilakraj Agarwal, who established 'Agroha Vikas Sansthan' for this purpose. The mandir was renamed as Sheela Mata Shakti Mandir in accordance to the Tri-Shakti in the temple.